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“This Identity that you think you are is a belief that you must be willing to abandon, to see what you really are. You can look upon a beautiful loving world, if you willing to change your mind.

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Creating Miracle Minds E-Course is about sharing wisdom, knowledge and information. This E-Course is an interactive playground for real creative collaboration and expansion.

The creation of a new pathway to true learning and growth is not some futuristic goal, but available now. Creating Miracle Minds is dedicated to the open flow of both ancient wisdom and break-through knowledge and technologies, also via retreats and workshops. We embrace the understanding that true education is a natural process of learning and remembering. The courses and programs are designed to empower all peoples, to embrace their inherent sovereignty and divinity to serve as a catalyst for meaningful change in one’s life, community and planetary condition.

Creating Miracle Minds is a Foundation to unite humanity in ushering in a new era of planetary wellbeing, peace and prosperity.

♦ To empower a conscious humanity to reclaim its sovereignty.
♦ To showcase a collective vision for a sustainable world.
♦ To cause the removal of all conditions which create scarcity and fear for the human family.
♦ To unify humanity, beyond all systems and enclosures which seek to support its separation.
♦ To advance the human condition by facilitating new ways to educate and heal.
♦ To educate for the advancement of human knowledge & wisdom.
♦ To protect the environment.
♦ To facilitate events - joyful celebrations of art, music, theatre, dance, food, new sciences, healing and wisdom.

Elohim healing

Elohim healing can be used successfully in all forms dis-ease, whether mental or physical, emotional or spiritual.
Elohim is a combination of different modalities and channelled healing energy.
This modality also incorporates working on the Blueprint Template and working one of the Sacred Geometry symbols within your energy field.

Some of the benefits you may receive from an Elohim Healing session are:-

♦ Reduction in your stress
♦ Restores balance to your Body, Mind and Spirit and Soul!
♦ Assists your body to kick start its natural Healing process for any injury and/or illness
♦ Helps you through times of change, or emotional stress
♦ Brings balance into all bodies; emotional, spiritual, mental and physical
♦ Can be used in Animal Healing as well
♦ Can be safely used alongside of your conventional medicine.
♦ Assists in your recovery from surgery
♦ A Health maintenance boost for your overall well-being.
♦ Onsite or remotely.

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