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Ego cannot survive without judging yourself or others, If you did not feel guilty from within, you could not judge or attack another

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About the Creating Miracle Minds Retreats

When you lack the FULL decoding of your reality, even if you consider yourself to be spiritual, then you still feel an emptiness inside. You may follow spiritual groups and spiritual practices as a guideline without really FULLY knowing your reality. You find yourself stuck and not doing anything about it, even though you know you can go deeper. You may lack courage, guidance, strength, direction, motivation, support, and the spark that helps you go deeper within yourself. If you are seeking a retreat that will help you change the way you experience the world, here it is. Because of the ideas we share during these retreats, people experience changes in their life and feel inspired to live those changes after they return home from the retreat. They feel connected to following their heart after participating because they have become part of the Life-time Creating Miracle Minds online-family that supports and inspires them along the journey of fully being neutral, detached, immortal, empty, yet open to all experience without fear or judgement. The retreat builds a strong spiritual foundation and lightens up your life.


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