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“Beauty once removed from Absolute truth is the information behind the object ,not the Object itself (empty shells).beauty is the intelligence that inspires the information.

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About Ane Bartlett

Born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa on September 7th, 1990. Throughout her childhood she experienced spontaneous visitations from Divine Masters and Light Beings, specifically coming to comfort, awaken, and activate her to her life’s purpose. She experienced communication with the Divine and wondered why no one else seemed to talk about experiencing life like this. Later she understood that she was psychic.

Throughout her formal schooling from age 6 to 18 years old, she received visits from the Light. For the next several years, after immigrating to New Zealand in 2006 and graduating from Glenfield College in Auckland, she enrolled in tertiary programs at Max International College for Fitness Professionals and New Zealand Film Academy in Auckland. She attempted to live an ordinary life. She spoke to no one about what was happening within her awareness of experiencing the psychic realm.
Ane' hears the Light speaking to her directly and receives direct dictation from the Divine Light, higher states of consciousness. Ane' has wondered about whether she felt that she had gone insane. She did experience difficulty in communication, feeling that she was incapable of having a normal human conversation. Everything was made out of light. She could no longer see the world through the framework of separation.

She was afraid of either being locked up in a mental institution or in a prison because of her political activism. She was twenty-two at the time and afraid of how to handle peoples’ responses to the amazing miracles that were happening through her "higher consciousness gifts".
Throughout her life she was receiving teachings directly from Spirit. Overflowing with love and ecstasy, she lived in a state of bliss. The love was so all-consuming that it spilled over onto everything she came in contact with. Everywhere was this ecstatic love. "I am bursting with such immense love, I can't contain it. I feels like I am DMT." As Ane' began speaking with the power and authority of the Light speaking through her, everywhere she went spreading divine love, the love grew, and people responded to it.

Ane' started living in her van in 2016, sleeping at lakes, beaches, forests and on the streets of New Zealand. She gave over her life to enlightenment or what she calls Infinite Awareness. At this stage, there is no individual self located anywhere in time or space. Ane' is located into everything.

Ane' had established her own healing practice, charity and education program called Creating Miracle Minds. She had begun teaching and taking individuals for private sessions. In September 2020, when she turned 30 years old, through several dreams, visions and direct information from her inner voice, she was guided to come to North America to begin her mission of raising world consciousness and doing healing work. Following the wisdom of her inner voice, she went to San Diego, California and then Kauai, Hawaii.

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Ane' channels modalities on how to work with the Light and the Light Beings. She is trained both telepathically and in dream states, on how to transmit Divine Light. Since birth in 1990,the Light has been Ane's teacher. She goes directly to the Light for teachings and guidance.

Ane' credits Saint Germain for helping her with her gift of healing and the direct understanding of how to maintain that gift without fear of others peoples’ judgment. He encouraged and mentored her to develop her full potential for using healing to help other people with difficult ailments and challenges. Ane's teaching has continued to expand, and she enjoys the healing benefits of this deeply mystical island in Hawaii.

At present the nature of Ane's work has expanded to include a stronger emphasis on group and individual healing through the transmission of Divine Light and forgiveness.

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