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“if we belive we are deprived of something ,our perception becomes distorted .let us help you remember who are and why you are here.

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Imagine feeling certain about who you are and what your life's purpose is.Imagine knowing why came here and what you have been given to share with the world. Feeling clear about your what you are and being one with what you are is true empowerment, and it is here now, we must simply recognise it within. The Creating Miracle Minds Retreats and Workshops assists people through techniques such as self-inquiry in decoding their reality and expanding their consciousness. We offer a practical yet Quantum Scientific program to help you experience the eternal bliss of Immortality.

Are you at a point in your life where you feel you don’t really know who you are even though you have been practicing mantras, meditation and spiritual traditions or religious paths? Do you often feel lost or confused about your spiritual beliefs? Do you wish you were being more of who you are and working in your passions? Have you ever thought about what life means to you? Do you doubt the spiritual practices you have learnt? Do you want to do and express anything you want and yet be free from ego / desire? Do you feel like there is more to life, but you don’t know what that is?

Are you already living a spiritual life and feel like you are missing some of the puzzle pieces to actually experiencing true bliss? You might find yourself often angry or impatient about why life is not going the right way or the way you would like it to go. You want to be happy and truly enjoy life, but everything seems to prevent you from it even though you practice yoga, mantras, meditation, positive thinking, shadow-work, self-love etc... You feel stuck or reached a plato in your spiritual awakening and don't know how to progress? Do you want to start tapping into your spirituality, but it seems overwhelmingly difficult?

When you lack the FULL decoding of your reality, even if you consider yourself to be spiritual, then you still feel an emptiness inside. You may follow spiritual groups and spiritual practices as a guideline without really FULLY knowing your reality. You find yourself stuck and not doing anything about it, even though you know you can go deeper. You may lack courage, guidance, strength, direction, motivation, support, and the spark that helps you go deeper within yourself.

If you are going through a troublesome time in your life, or have questions upon questions about who you are, this is an opportunity to change your life. It’s your time to DECODE YOUR FULL REALITY. Without taking action you will continue to feel depressed, anxious, unhealthy, lost, confused and other not-so-glorious feelings. The voice inside of you tells you to help yourself and find the right guidance. You’re searching for help and that’s why you are here.

Decoding your reality can happen any time, but if you take the opportunity to meet an immortal master then you can receive many spiritual seeds that will help you blossom sooner. When you decode yourself, your life completely changes. Everything becomes clear. You seem to go through transformation – a transformation that occurs from within. You begin to remove all negativities from your life. You become nonviolent in speech, action and thoughts. You gain clarity and you discover your purpose. Once you find your purpose, your life has a new meaning. All your efforts go towards that deep purpose. When at the end of your life you can reflect and know it was meaningful and that you followed your heart. Knowing what you are you radiate and extend what you are to others. Others get inspired by you and they also begin to change their lives. You live free and fearlessly because you have recognised the programming in your mind that seemed to have kept you bonded to your ego, your identity as a body in this world. You recognise true empowerment and rest in peace, and see love everywhere in everything and everyone through spiritual vision. You become immortality itself.

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If you are seeking a retreat or workshop that will help you change the way you experience the world, here it is. Because of the ideas we share during these workshops and retreats, people experience changes in their life and feel inspired to live those changes after they return home from the retreat. They feel connected to following their heart after participating in our programs because they become part of the Life-time Creating Miracle Minds online-family that supports and inspires them along the journey of fully being immortal. The retreat builds a strong spiritual foundation and lightens up your life.

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