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All pain comes from placing value in what you want and demanding where it must be found.

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About the Creating Miracle Minds Workshop

If you are going through a troublesome time in your life, or have questions upon questions about who you are, this is an opportunity to change your life. It’s your time to € DECODE YOUR FULL REALITY. Without taking action you will continue to feel depressed, anxious, unhealthy, lost, confused and other not-so-glorious feelings. The voice inside of you tells you to help yourself and find the right guidance. You’re searching for help and that’s why you are here.

Decoding your reality / accessing your connection to your Higher-Self can happen any time, however if you take the opportunity to meet / be guided by someone who is actually living this truth in every aspect of their life fully, then you can receive many spiritual seeds that will help you blossom sooner. When you decode yourself, your life completely changes.
Everything becomes clear. You seem to go through transformation – a transformation that occurs from within. You begin to remove all negativities from your life.
You become graceful in speech, action and thoughts. You gain clarity and you discover your purpose. Once you find your purpose, your life has a new meaning. All your efforts go towards that deep purpose. When at the end of your life you can reflect and know it was meaningful and that you followed your heart. Knowing what you are you radiate and extend what you are to others. Others get inspired by you and they also begin to change their lives.

You live free and fearlessly because you have recognised the programming in your mind that seemed to have kept you bonded to your ego, your identity as a body in this world. You recognise true empowerment and rest in peace, and see love everywhere in everything and everyone through spiritual vision. You become immortality itself.

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We share Absolute Truth

Covers all aspects of Awakening

Lifetime Aftercare

We live what we teach

Quantum Physics and Scalar-Technology

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